Gimbal S3/S3+ Best 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Mobile Phone and GoPro(Better than Smooth Q)
109.00 - 129.00
Axis Rotation:
Pan: 360˚ (S3+)/ 330˚(S3)
Pitch: 320˚ (-135˚ to 185˚)
Roll: 320˚ (-30˚ to 30˚)
Weight: 423g
Battery and Life: 8~9 Hours continuous stabilizing without device charging,
2 Hours to fully Charge
Maximum Supported Weight For Device: 220g
Operating Temperature Range: -15˚C to 45˚C
Durability: Splash-Proof
Ports: Input – MicroUSB for Charging of Gimbal
Output – USB for charging or powering the device
Included Accessories: 
MicroUSB cable
English Manual
Carry Case(Optional)
GoPro mount plate(Optional)
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Coming soon
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