• Best 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer

    Compatible with all Mobiles and Action cameras

    Shining Gimbal S2

    Let Anyone be a Professional Videographer

  • Shining Gimbal S2 Amazing Features

    A Steady Focus to Anyone when capturing and recording the most precious moments in life

    Compatible with all kinds of mobile phones&Gopro motion cameras

    • Capture life moments with ease and professionalism
    • Eliminates all vibrations and stabilizes all the three axes thus enabling a smooth smartphone shooting experience.

    Easy Attachment & Connection

    • Learn to use in seconds
    • Attach your phone or Gopro to the clip located on the gimbal and connect the bluetooth to your phone in seconds.

    Three high-precision brushless motors in three axial directions

    • Collecting the data from the MEMS gyroscope and the acceleration sensor of the camera fixture plate.
    • The jitter can be real-timely controlled in camera movements by 3D pose calculation and attitude control, so as to achieve the stability of the camera and various follow-up operation. 
    • Camera movements can be analysed through camera fixture plate to transmit data to the motor and control arm to prevent camera shake.
  • S1 Specifications

    A New Revolutionary Concept for Quick and Professional Cinema-like Filming


    Amazing functions

    • Best joystick to control the direction easily.
    • Shooting button can take the video or pictures
    • Lock switch: change between lock mode and follow mode; 
    • Polley switch: Adjust to any follow speed easily; Best follow effect by your need.​

    3 DC Brushless Motors

    • Self-adaptive 3-Axis mixing PID algorithm  to achieve the automatic stability and balance in the shooting process
    • Get rid of old shaky and vibrating in three directions.
    • Filming can be done from any angle
    • Yaw Angle:   360° 
    • Pitch Angel:  300°
    • Roll Angle: 180°


    Material: Alloy Aluminum

    Yaw Angle: 360°

    Pitch Angel: 300°

    Roll Angle:180°

    Wireless Type:Bluetooth 4.0

    Battery Duration: 4 to 5 hours

    Charging Time: 1.8 hours

    Working Voltage: 7.4V(standard)

    Working Current : 130mA(standard)

    Net Weight: 400g

    Product Dimensions: 300mm*116mm*415mm

    Pack Included:

    • 1X Shining Gimbal Stabilizer
    • 1X Counter Weight

      2X 18350 Rechargable Batteries

      1X Battery Charger

      1X USB Cable

      1X User Manual

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