All about 3-Axis Shining Gimbal Stabilizers

    What technology does Shining Gimbal stabilizer use?

    • The origin of technology:

      The technology of automatic stability and coordination system for UAV aerial photograph is transferred to the handheld shooting, to achieve the automatic stability and balance in the shooting process by smartphone or gopro.

      The core technology:

      Self-adaptive 3-axis mixing PID algorithm; three kinds of technologies for motor control: DC brush, brushless DC, vector control; Most 3-axis stabilizers use DC brushless (BLDC) motors or vector control (FOC) motors.


    What is the Basic Working Principle of Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer?

    Working Principle:

    There are three high-precision brushless motors in three axial directions.

    After collecting the data from the MEMS gyroscope and the acceleration sensor of the camera fixture plate, The jitter can be real-timely controlled in camera movements by 3D pose calculation and attitude control, so as to achieve the stability of the camera and various follow-up operation. Simple explanation: camera movements can be analysed through camera fixture plate to transmit data to the motor and control arm to prevent camera shake.

    What is the difference between 3-axis gimbal stabilizer and traditional solutions?

    • The simple internal built-in anti-shake technology can only offset a slight jitter caused by the photographer’s breathing and finger press movement, large amplitude jitter must rely on an external handheld stabilizer to solve.
    • The traditional solution is to use the mechanical Steadicam structure. However, the Steadicam device is too large in size and weight that affect its portability and go against the current development trend of photographic equipment miniaturization. 
    • With the handheld stabilizer, the creator gets the pictures and videos in an unprecedented level of clarity and stability, and you can still take pictures freely even in intense movement scenario.

    What is the difference between the smartphone gimbal stabilizer with selfie stick?

    • Simply saying, traditional selfie stick can only takes static pictures, it cannot achieve the desired effect if you want to take pictures or videos while walking, running and in other sports states. The handheld stabilizer can assist smart phone, motion camera and SLRs to move freely. And the jitter caused by hands can be automatically corrected by "handheld stabilizer”, so as to ensure a smooth shooting and good shooting effect

    What is the difference between single-axis, two-axis and three-axis?

    • 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer

    Three-axis, as the name suggests, refers to the front-back, left- right and up-down, these three directions. The technology of three-axis is the most complicated but it has the best effect, thus becoming the mainstream in current market.

    • 2-axis Gimbal Stabilizer

    Anti-shake can be achieved in directions of front-back and left- right in two-axis. Brush motor is generally used, and the anti-shake algorithm is relatively simple. So when compared with three-axis, it has more disadvantages, such as poor effect, limited rotation angle, motor noise and angle deviation. While there are some advantages, such as a cheap price and portability;

    • 1-AXIS Gimbal Stabilizer

    Single-axis is generally used in fixed sports equipment and it only has an anti-shake feature for left- right.


    Who are your customers if you are an importer or distributor who wants to sell Shining Gimbal?

    • The customer group is constantly changing. So now users can be divided into three categories:

    1. SLR user

    2. Movement DV users: There are huge outdoor sports groups in Europe, Australia, America and other countries. The annual sales and export to those countries from China is about 40 to 50 million.

    3. Ordinary mobile phone users: SNS social contact, live video, micro movie and others have spawned the demand for ordinary users.

    • During last year, the customer groups who bought the handheld gimbal stabilizer were mostly from these three types users in which most of them are enthusiastic fans. With the promotion of web celebrities and stars, manufacturers and big brands involvement, the product has gained high visibility and popularity. And the price has reduced from over USD500$ in 2014 to around USD 300$ in 2015 and even within USD 200$ now. The majority of the consumers in Europe and America can afford such price.
    • With the surge of quantity demand, the cost will be greatly reduced. And it will become a popular basic photography accessory (mobile phone, movement DV, SLR).

    So you can see this product is going to be a huge opportunity in your market.

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