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You need Shining handheld gimbal stabilizer besides of selfie stick​

The Trendy of filming gadget

From the trendy selfie stick to handheld gimbal stabilizer, filming gadget has ushered another great innovation. Handheld gimbal stabilizer is reaching the ordinary consumers and become one of the daily filming tools.

Nowadays, video has become a social contact and a communication method. Videos not only shape but also promote the popularization of personal branding. Thus, handheld stabilizer conquer a place of the market under this background.

Whether ordinary users or senior photographers and players rank the image texture of pictures or videos in the first place.

It is difficult to continue to maintain the stability of the fuselage for most filming equipment, resulting in jitter, not smooth.

The industry has been sought better anti-shake technology and more convenient operation platform. Now the emergence of 3-axial gimbal stabilizer becomes an ideal solution to users.

The difference between smartphone gimbal stabilizer with selfie stick

Simply saying, traditional selfie stick can only takes static pictures, it cannot achieve the desired effect if you want to take pictures or videos while walking, running and in other sports states. The handheld stabilizer can assist smart phone, motion camera and SLRs to move freely. And the jitter caused by hands can be automatically corrected by "handheld stabilizer”, so as to ensure a smooth shooting and good shooting effect

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