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Why should we take videos every day?

The best way to record your life

How to prove you lived if there is no record, no memory?

That thought makes me feel scared. Sometimes, the mass of my life reminded me of a line from Oscar Wilde: "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at stars."

I want to be the one looking at stars. So I decided to start to take videos by my phone to record my life every day.

Life is an adventure. We never know what will happen next minutes. However, most of our life seems boring. We even cannot remember what happened yesterday. There is so much pressure, trouble, worries, and fear in life. I supposed to make a journey to record my life since many years ago. But I didn't do that. I found out I was in a depression state. I felt upset and boring all the time.

After several years, when I am back to work again, I find a wonderful way to relief my worries and fear. It has so much fun that I didn't realize before. That is taking videos by my phone every day!

Why just use your phone, not a camera?

The best way to take a video in your daily life, unless you are a pro videographer and love to use heavy cameras, is to shoot just by your mobile phone anytime anywhere.

  • First, I don't have a good camera because it is expensive and I think I am not smart enough to learn so many skills to use it properly. So I don't plan to buy an expensive camera. 
  • Second, my iPhone is always in my bag. Nowadays, the phone becomes one part of our body, no one will leave the phone at home. I can take it out to take pictures or videos anytime anywhere. 
  • Third, I think the footage is already good enough for me.  Actually, I used my iPhone 7 Plus to take a pitch video and some wonderful videos for one of our project( JCR electric skateboard). Those videos were used for the project launched on Kickstarter. The effect was even better than the video they paid for $6000.  

What I did is just to use my iPhone and 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer Shining Gimbal S1 to run and follow the riders. Very simple, right? phone gimbal stabilizer S1 can make the footages stable.

You can see the comparison between the video shooting with this iPhone gimbal S1 and without. If you can use a phone stabilizer to take a video when you are walking, running or moving. That will help you take a more professional video without any shaky footages.

I think everyone should start taking video daily, no matter that day is happy or not.

How to take a better video?

Don't think too much. Just take out your phone and open camera app to capture the moments you want to record. The most important thing is to do it and keep doing it. Then you can be better.

However, many people don't like the inconvenience of holding the phone by hands for a long time.

Then a phone gimbal stabilizer will be a good choice. It is better than a selfie stick, especially the handheld 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. In one or two years ago, the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer is still only for the pro videographer because of its high price.

For now, 2017, the prices are much cheaper. And the functions are updated a lot.

The prices of many brands are under $200, such as Shining Gimbal S1.

I think most of the people can afford it.

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