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Why should everyone use Shining Gimbal Stabilizer

No matter you are a professional photographer or a smartphone user, you want to share the good pictures and video on your facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest or other social media. Nowadays, you cannot communicate with people without picture or video, especially the video.

In either picture or video shooting, a good anti-shake function is very important. It can:

  • help the camera to obtain longer exposure time and a greater amount of light.
  • provide smooth motion traces during camera motion recording

That is exactly what Shining Gimbal stabilizer can do the best.

The contrast between 3-axis gimbal stabilizer and traditional solutions?

  • The simple internal built-in anti-shake technology can only offset a slight jitter caused by the photographer’s breathing and finger press movement, large amplitude jitter must rely on an external handheld stabilizer to solve.
  • The traditional solution is to use the mechanical Steadicam structure. However, the Steadicam device is too large in size and weight that affect its portability and go against the current development trend of photographic equipment miniaturization. 
  • With the handheld stabilizer, the creator gets the pictures and videos in an unprecedented level of clarity and stability, and you can still take pictures freely even in intense movement scenario.
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