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Take a better selfie video by 3-axis gimbal stabilizer automatically

Learn from a 5-year-old girl who uses the easiest and smartest Shining Gimbal S1

A 5-year-old girl learns to take selfie video by the face tracking function of Shining Gimbal S1

Qiqi was interested in the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer when she saw "red box" can track her face when she moved. Let's see how she helped us test the new face tracking function, LOL.

During the videoing, no one instructed Qiqi how to operate this 3-axis phone gimbal. She just figured out her methods. So you can see how Shining Gimbal S1 is simple and easy to use.

Qiqi just used the hand-tuning function to adjust the phone camera to the angels she preferred.

This hand-tuning function is unique for SG-S1, unavailable for DJI Osmo Mobile, Zhiyun Smooth Q.

Upgraded Shining Gimbal S1 is the best video gimbal/stabilizer for anyone. You can use it to take a video on Snap Chat, Instagram, Youtube etc.

To take a selfie video by Shining Gimbal S1 with face tracking function is so funny, Easy, Intelligent, Stable, Functional Gimbal Stabilizer for Everyone, even a 5-year-old girl. LOL.

The Better Points for Shining Gimbal S1+

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