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How to take cinematic​ videos with your iPhone or Android smartphone

using FiLMiC Pro and Shining Gimbal to shoot professional videos

shining gimbal for your phone

Your smartphone is your best cam in the pocket.

The cameras on your smartphones are getting better and better, and videos can be shared with a single click on Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook etc. You can launch a live stream anywhere anytime, just on your phone.  You don't need to buy an unaffordable camera anymore like before.

Nowadays, your smartphone may be the best camera you've ever owned. You don't have to take an expensive camera on vacation. Most of the latest camcorders do have built-in wi-fi, but smartphones have the advantage of letting you share your clips on all apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Vine or with friends easily.

It's a nice sentiment, and very often true: When it comes to capturing life's most important moments, a camera's first duty is to simply be there at the right time—everything else is a bonus. Smartphones living in pockets are the best choice!

But there's a difference between documenting a moment and filming it. Too often, cheap video cameras and smartphones produce videos that are shaky, washed out, improperly exposed and grainy. With the right tools and techniques, however, you can take your smartphone videos from good enough to, well, pretty good.

To avoid the shaky videos and make your videos more professional. You should use a good and affordable stabilizer. In FiLMic Pro official website, they recommend DJI Osmo Mobile. Although Osmo is a good gimbal stabilizer, it has some limits and the price is very high.

Why not use a more functional and better 3-axis handheld smartphone gimbal stabilizer Shining Gimbal S1.

Comparison Video:

Shining Gimbal S1 vs DJI Osmo mobile

The Comparison Table for 5 Most Popular Phone Gimbal Stabilizers

 FiLMiC Pro app is a powerful app, which gives the shooters more control over their phone cameras' settings, like frame rate, resolution, shutter speed etc, to let everyone to become a filmmaker just by your smartphone, instead of expensive equipment. For example, Tangerine premiered at Sundance 2015, a film shot entirely on an iPhone 5s, looks very good.

When I am searching on the internet to see how to use my iPhone7 Plus to shoot a better video. I found the videos taken by an Italian cinematographer Matteo Bertoli. All of the videos are amazing.

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