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Easiest gimbal stabilizer for smartphone

Shining Gimbal S1 is the most ease in use 3-Axis gimbal stabilizer

easy gimbal stabilizer

Shining Gimbal S1(SG-S1) is a handheld three-axis mobile phone gimbal. New Revolutionary Concept for Quick and Professional Cinema-like Filming.

Shining gimbal stabilizer can eliminates all vibrations and enabling a smooth smartphone shooting through the three gyroscope chip with Self-adaptive 3-Axis mixing PID algorithm to control the three motors to achieve the automatic stability and balance in the shooting process.

With S1, you will not need Joystick, slide rail or other traditional shooting aids any more. Anyone can be a professional videographer and capture life moments with ease and professionalism just by your phone and S1.

Amazing Features:

Unique Three Modes Switch;

Adjust to any follow speed easily;

Best follow effect by your need.

Advanced hand-tuning technology:

  •    let you adjust to any shooting angle anytime anywhere.
  •    In any mode, you can adjust the shooting angle by your hand.
  •    Much more flexible than buttons.
  •    The gimbal can identify the angle you want and fix it(Amazing!)
  • Optimized Bluetooth connection: Detect your smart device and sync up automatically and quickly if it has been paired before.
  • 360-degree rotation on rolling axis
  • Unlimited rotating shooting videos/pictures
  • Support for panoramic and more creative shooting.
  • One button controls back to the middle or 180-degree rotation.
  • More intelligent experience.
  •    Twice clicks: back to the middle
  •    Three clicks: 180-degree rotation.
gimbal stabilizer for smartphone
trialxial gimbal stabilizer

The Most Simple Ease Use & Powerful Functions & High Cost Performance

•Learn to use in seconds

•360 degree rotation

•One click back to middle

•Automatic standby

•Follow speed adjustable

•Intelligent manual adjusting angles

•Support both mobile phones & motion camera

•New App coming soon (Face tracking, photo/video switch, Panoramic ring shooting, focal length adjust)

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