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Best Smartphone Video Stabilizer for Snapchat and Instagram

No need to hold your fingers down anymore!

Nowadays, people are fond of shooting videos; anything from cats, cars, food, and even themselves. They want to capture everything that they adore in a video so that they can have memories stored not just in their minds but also in their devices. Some famous guys also love selfies.

Short video clips are everywhere today, especially when Snapchat and Instagram have launched their stories wherein users can take and capture videos and directly upload them on the storyline. Their avid fans and followers can see it right away by viewing their entire stories for that day.

But, the main problem of people when people try to shoot video is their jerky and shaky hands. Videos tend to be not stable when our bare hands are the ones we use to shoot them. But don’t worry, there is a new smartphone stabilizer that can help you stabilize the videos you are taking and improve the quality of them.

We now introduce to you, Shining Gimbal S1 and A1: the best smartphone stabilizer that can be used to make Snapchat and Instagram stories at the high-end.

How to shoot a perfect snap chat video by the best smartphone stabilizer S1?

Just like this! Simple and Easy!

best smartphone stabilizer

This is one of the reasons why we created Shining Gimbal S1, to be the best smartphone stabilizer when shooting photos and taking video clips for Snapchat and Instagram. You don’t need to lay a finger when taking video clips for stories. So we’re going to the best part, how to make this stabilizer work like it should be?

· Taking photographs. When capturing images for Facebook, Instagram, and other photo sharing sites, you just need to click the button on the handle to easily capture them. Just a tip: take photos at the places where the lighting is at its best.

· Shooting Video Clips for Snapchat and Instagram Stories.Like what I said, you won’t lay a finger on your smartphone to activate this smartphone stabilizer effectively. You just need to turn or press the buttons on the holder and control it if it will go up or down and the phone will automatically shoot video clips for your Snapchat or Instagram stories. If you want to know more about how Shining Gimbal smartphone stabilizer works, you can check out their video here.

What are the key features of Shining Gimbal S1?

Shining Gimbal S1 is a smartphone stabilizer that has plenty of functions and amazing features that can up your Snapchat and Instagram game. Here are as follows:

· It can rotate at 360 degrees

· It has three switches that are unique so you will not mess up

· It can track your face when taking selfies

· It has an automatic standby

· And the best part, you can learn it in seconds after purchasing

best smartphone gimbal stabilizer

The Bottom Line

When you are an Instagram and Snapchat addict, you should definitely try this awesome Smartphone stabilizer. Shining Gimbal S1 will not just help you make the videos still and not shaky but it will also ease your fingers’ job by automatically shooting videos and capturing photos in just one click or turn.

If you are looking for the best smartphone stabilizer in town, you should try Shining Gimbal S1 because it will make your Snapchat dreams come true; without all the hard work being pushed in.

Newest Smartphone Stabilizer Shining Gimbal A1 is also coming soon!

  • It is A Future Star!---Selfie Video Stabilizer!
  • The World’s Smallest and Lightest smartphone gimbal!
  • A Perfect Combo of gimbal stabilizer, selfie stick, power bank and beauty app.
  • Take a Perfect selfie video, Share it on Snapchat and Instagram anytime! Anywhere!
  • No shaky video anymore!
  • You are going to love it and everyone will love you and your videos from now on!
selfie video stabilizer

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