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Be a Videographer without effort

Shining Gimbal can help you master cinematography at an affordable cost

Shining Gimbal S1 is advanced three-axis gimbal for a smartphone, which allows anyone to shoot stunning professional-looking films from their smartphone.

With its intelligent three-axis system, anyone can be a videographer. Say goodbye to shaky or blurry video footage. Anyone can master cinematography at an affordable cost, instead of investing in expensive professional filming equipment.

We hope everyone can enjoy the fun of creating smartphone photography and videography with ease. Shining Gimbal S1(SG-S1) compatible with any smartphone easily. It is the most stable, functional and easiest gimbal for smartphone shooting.

Regardless of the phone model and size, SG S1 can be mounted within seconds. Simply attach the smartphone to the clip in the center of the device to film from all angles. controlled by Bluetooth.

Life is an adventure! Capture it with passion!

Capturing our precious moments; Recording our every move. To bring a steady focus to all.

Multi-Mode Shooting 
As the smartphone is fixed onto the center of the gimbal and without a frame, it can easily pan and shoot incredible 360-degree videos. It is the ultimate tool for videographers. 

Pan Track Mode follows the user horizontally while shooting.
Lock Mode shoots in all directions with the phone stable and fixed.
Portrait Shooting Mode stabilizes the creator's shooting vertically.

Advanced hand-tuning technology:

  •    let you adjust to any shooting angle anytime anywhere.
  •    In any mode, you can adjust the shooting angle by your hand.
  •    Much more flexible than buttons.
  •    The gimbal can identify the angle you want and fix it(Amazing!)

Below is the introduction video for this amazing best smartphone gimbal stabilizer.

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